Multivendor ultimate - storefront / cart confusion

I have notified cs-cart via the helpdesk this is a heads-up for other store owners as potential to exploit.

Where a vendor adds a item to cart in one shopfront and doesn’t complete transaction then navigates to another shopfront the cart shows on both shopfronts = branding confusion

… then if customer adds a item on shopfront B to cart when that item isn’t sold on shopfront A then return to shopfront A you now have 2 ‘items’ @ price of Shopfront A item (even if Shopfront B item costs more)

And if item A sold by vendor A and item B sold by vendor B then vendor A shipping details no longer shown in checkout on shopfront A

Ummm … now no longer doing it, the only thing I have changed is added shopfront B to authorised recapture site so I have no explanation as to why I can no longer reproduce the issue!

What do you mean by “vendor adds an item to cart”? From what I know, vendors cannot log into customer’s accounts.

Sorry, I did not understand the instruction.

Please provide step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce this in the fresh CS-Cart installation.