Multivendor options


I'm currently searching for script that gives me all options I want.

This Multivendor works perfect, and I just have two questions.

  1. I can add more than 1 administrator to shop. My question is, can I add vendor modification status to one administrator. Like one user have availability to manage more vendors (and he's not global admin, he's just vendor admin)

  2. If someone adds to cart articles from different stores, how it is proceed? Is it sent to vendor admins only article from his store, or all is sent to global administrator. I need explanation how it works, couse i saw that it puts all articles to one cart.


Hello, deiks!

In CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, a vendor administrator cannot manage other vendors, but you can create a separate administrator account with the privilege to manage vendors (and disable other privileges like managing catalog, orders etc).

When the order is placed (if there are several products of different vendors in it), it is divided into several orders. Each vendor can see their order (with only their products) and the store administrator can see all the orders.

Let's say I have vendor1, vendor2, vendor3.

I need to add vendoradmin1 and give him options to moderate vendor1 and vendor2, and vendoradmin2 can moderate vendor3.

If I understood you, if I add new admin and disable some options, he can moderate all of vendors…

Can we do anything about this? Sorry, but I don't have a lot of time…