Multivendor commision calculation algorithm

I need to send the commission to a new payment gateway and I need a way to calculate it to take into consideration all posbilities that cs cart multivendor uses:

  • commsion categories
  • vendor plan commision
  • discounts
  • shipping cost
  • taxes and so on.
    In the admin panel at “Accounting” > “Transaction” > “Transaction value” is displayed and calculated correctly the commision but I don t know the algorithm and all what it implies to calculate it.
    Could you help me wih this?

Thank you!


You check the \Tygh\VendorPayouts::update (app/Tygh/VendorPayouts.php) method for the details of what data is being stored into the transaction.

I hope it will help you.

@CS-Cart_team I don t see where is calculated the commision, it is just payouts…
I am interested in commision, I see it listed on columns “Transaction value” eg. 15.00 lei
out of 175.45 lei see row 2 on here commision — ImgBB

Commissions are the part of payouts, and stored in the commission_amount column of the ?:vendor_payouts table, which is being filled in the mentioned method.

If you need to check the calculation of the commission_amount exactly, please take a look at the fn_calculate_commission_for_payout function (app/addons/vendor_plans/func.php), look for the $payout_data['commission_amount'] variable there.

Thank you for the excellent details!

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