Multivendor - Admin Panel: Change Selectbox To Dropdown

Hi guys,

i would like to change the "tax" selectboxes when you upload a product to a dropdown list. How can i do that?

Do you mean that only one variant can be selected?

If VAT has to be applied unequivocally to all sales, no matter what country is the buyer from, then only one option has to be selected. But if the buyer is non-local VAT-registered entity or from a non-EU country, there should be added another two options with 0 rate and different landing pages:

- Non-local VAT-registered

- Not in EU

For the first we have to check their VIES status

For the second we have to check if their Shipping and Billing address is outside EU.

So AT LEAST three options have to be selected.

I am saying "at least" because there are other hypotheses too

- Local VAT-exempted buyer

- VAT-reduced or VAT-exempt products

Sky is the limit for the variants in the last option.

Our Marketplace is only for B2B purposes. Every seller & buyer can only register if they have a VAT Number and if they are located in the EU.

Then every buyer can be one of the two - either in the same country with the seller, then country VAT applies, or in another country - then no VAT applies. So the drop-down select must be multiple to cover all possible scenarios.

PS. I wonder how do you set the Locations for your international vendors... Taxes are just corollary to the locations. Without locations you cannot have real Taxes. Without admin access of vendors to Locations and Taxes, you cannot have a real Multi-Vendor international marketplace.

CS-Cart is not designed for international vendors from different countries. In the best case, it's a nation-wide MV platform.

I know. We did a little workaround.

Can somebody tell me how to make the dropdown?