Multivendor Accounting Commision Invoice, Commision Reports,

Multivendor Accounting section seems very poor in terms of options and features for sellers and also for platform owners.

In the multivendor there is a option to generate invoice to sellers, invoices for commsion that sellers pays to the platform?

Featured needed by multivendor owners:

- show the order value and commision value, difference

- income from sellers

- option to compensate payments between platform and sellers

- invoices for sellers not only for end users.

- reports in excel, .csv with details about the orders, products in the order, the commision that platform needs to pay to sellers.



I belive this have to be Bumped’Up, these features is missing and very nessecary!

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@CS-Cart_team any feedback on this topic?

I see that were some customers interested of thi since 2017

The box has such functionality.

what box are you referring to?

Cs-cart Multi-Vendor

I am using last version of cs cart multivendor Multi-Vendor v4.15.2
and it doesnt have it. Where it is? what addon/feature is?

The module “Payment from sellers to the administrator” allows sellers to replenish the balance on the marketplace, and also encourages debtors to pay the debt: hides goods or blocks the admin panel.
Module “Payment directly to sellers”
This module is only available in Multi-Vendor Plus.
The module “Payment directly to sellers” frees the owners of the marketplace from the need to distribute money between sellers. Here’s how it works:
Sellers create their own payment methods.
When a customer has products from several sellers in the basket, when placing an order, he pays separately to each seller.
Money from orders goes directly to sellers.
If the seller does not create a payment method, then payment methods for the marketplace will be offered when ordering. Then the money will get to the owner of the marketplace, and he will have to transfer it to the seller.
Any marketplace commissions will be marked as unpaid payments (i.e. the seller’s debt to the marketplace).

Describe how you plan to accept money from customers, what payment methods, how the goods are shipped, in what time frame, are they transported directly or through your warehouse?

I know the module you are referring to but is not enough for a marketplace. I mentioned in the beginning why.

  • How you generate invoice to sellers for commision?
    You don t have a view of what is happening on platform, reports of commision etc. and so on

The module acts is not suitable for document management. Each country has its own hundreds of conditions of documents, one hundred percent of the module will not be universal.

Most of them work according to the classical scheme - the buyer pays for the goods to the account of the marketplace, the seller sends the goods, the marketplace gives the money, keeps the commission. In this case, there is a guarantee that the seller will fulfill its obligations

To pay the invoice for different countries, we use the contract module. You can flexibly set up payment terms for each country on your own terms and in any language.

Now we are making another module for repeated payments on the account. It will be possible to integrate different payment acceptance conditions into it.

I am NOT talking about legal aspects, contracts etc.
This is related to financial aspects. All marketplace irrespective of country issue invoices fo commision to sellers. There is no option to genereate those invoices, to have a proper management of commisions, payments

I wrote to you above, we use external programs for document management

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Without a demo is to vague, general. Do you have a demo?

We mainly use “1C: Trade Management edition 11.4” for our purposes, there are translations of the interface into many languages, for us the benefit is that there are a lot of specialists who know how to work with it. From 5 to 50 dollars per hour.

We use for our comprehensive marketplace solution

We do have plans to revise the accounting in Multi-Vendor, but there is no exact date for when there will be news on this topic. An announcement will be made when there is news worthy of such an announcement. :slight_smile:

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Excellent news ! I can hardly wait to get this "Accounting’ improved as is core feature from my pint of view and needs to be addressed properly.


Agree as well, from a legal point of view…

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I created specification for the invoice addon that could be developed for cs cart multivendor owners

The invoice addon has a generation tool for following types of invoices:

  1. Marketplace-to-Vendor commission invoice;
  2. Vendor-to-Customer order invoice.

I asked a cs cart partner for a price estimation and is from 2000 $ to 7000$-8000$.
If there are other cs cart owners interested in this addon we can share the cost.
Please post here if you are interested.

I belive this have to be Bumped’Up, these features is missing and very nessecary!

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