Multiple Storefront & Css

I noticed both sites are pulling from themes/responsive/css/addons/my_changes/styles.less

How do I tell the second store to pull from another style file in the my_changes directory?

Please try the following condition in the file

{if $runtime.company_id = X}

where X - is the store-front ID (can be found in the admin panel)

Or you could encode the company_id into the style sheet name. I.e. my_styles_1.less, my_styles_2.less and then change the template to simply append the company_id to the stylesheet name you are using. Then all you have to do is add files as you add stores versus changing the template.

There’s always more than one way to skin a cat! :-)

Thanks, I am surprised there is not built in functionality for this. Anyone running multiple store will need this feature.

After all these years you shouldn’t be surprised at anything! :-)

Actually most would use the theme editor to modify the css and then it is done by company.

personnaling I'm using a cloning theme becauce we add small differences too between store ?! but it's more hard for