Multiple Shipping Addresses?

Is there an existing add-on for customers to choose multiple addresses at checkout? For example a customer wants to buy several things at once but doesn't want everything to go to the same place.

I have never heard of that type of functionality, I would think it would cause quite a bit of difficulty with the security of the payment process and credit card charge backs.


There is the Settings -> General -> Allow users to create multiple profiles for one account setting.

But it does not allow to split one order into several suborders with different locations. Customer can just choose one address from the list on the checkout

I don't think they have it. 5-6 years back, I paid a lot of money to add the functionality for us from CS-Cart team. Once you do that, you can no longer able to do the updates (way harder).

Seperating billing/shipping address must be there, its important for us, i hope they will put again next time

I agree, this is a very helpful functionality that would be great to have in-built

Did anyone get anywhere with this? I'm pretty sure way back when in multivendor v2 you used to be able to set different shipping addresses for different vendors on one order. I've enquired about the cost of getting it for the latest version but it appears to be as expensive as a full license

Did anyone come up with an alternate solution?