Multiple Server Setup

I run a large website for client

We are going into a huge season and are trying to magnify the set up as large as possible

We have 2 front end servers, with replicated files, and 1 sql server on a dedicated private network, both web machines have 100mb connections, from a shared dedicated server.

when we move the website over we are having major issues with cart inventory with this set up, one item says it says in small there 120 in stock, but when add to cart it says, its out of stock, large and medium add fine to the cart

Is anyone else running 1.35sp4 on multiple server set up for a maxed out setup,

Are there any guidelines or settings anyone could tell me to try, global registers? cookies? etc?

Many Many Thanks


does the admin report 120 in stock?

care to PM me the link? Ill look around if I get a sec.

Yes, there are over 120 in stock, the front end also says 124 in stock, but errors when you add the item