Multiple Product Name Variations For Google

Our store has many dive housings for many different cameras. Camera manufactuers name their cameras all sorts of zippy names and the housing manufacturers pick up on those, and add their own variations. The issue is that customers search by any old variation they want to.

We can solve that in our Google Ad campaigns with using “broad matches” and other tricks.

But our Google “Shopping Campaigns” go by product title and then description.

ie; What I want is for when product name: “Ikelite RX100III” is searched by

“Ikelite RX100III”, “Ikelite RX100 III”, “Ikelite RX-100III”, “Ikelite RX100-III”, etc. they all return our product named “Ikelite RX100III” as a Shopping Ad.

It is very hard to have these varations in the product titles. I generally go by the style the manufacturer has. But then our ads don't show up with the search variations as shopping ads.

Is there a fix, add-on, or way to change our titles? We have a lot of products, I'd really like something that could just do this on the fly…??