Multiple images upload issues.

It is a huge pain for us to upload multiple images for product description, because we have 30-60 images for some products.

And discovering a bug with CS-cart even added to frustration.

Even if you spend time assigning file link for each image, they don’t get uploaded in order you assigned them :(

They seam to appear in a random order, the one which uploaded faster from the bundle, goes first. Which is stupid.

First of all any suggestions for addon that can handle multiple images upload?

And any idea if current bugs can be fixed?

Pretty pathetic to click 60 images 1 by 1 hitting save button after each for such priced piece of software…

Not sure if I understand you correctly but…WOW…“stupid and Pathetic”

I imported over 10,000 images last week in 20 minutes using additional image import via .csv from server in 1 go. Just change the Pair type to A

Yes the image order can be changed in product details > images by grabbing the tab and re ordering them.

Have you read the KB


Yes you didn’t understand it correctly. But thank you for your input on a keywords “upload, images”. At least this one was right.

Were you really grabbing each of 10000 images and drag-sorting them in product’s details manualy for each product and all that in 20 minutes? ;)

No you can do the sort order in the ,csv file, pretty pathetic perhaps not to export 1 sample product that you have added images to in admin and see how it looks, in .csv OR read the KB


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Pretty pathetic to click 60 images 1 by 1 hitting save button after each for such priced piece of software…


CS-Cart is one of the most competitively priced commercial ecommerce packages available…just saying.

Here is an example of images assigned from 1 to 10 on product's page. If somebody unaware it should be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

Here is response from cs cart support. via “credits” ticket.


[size=2]We have examined the issue. The problem is not considered as a bug in the standard CS-Cart installation, sorting of files is not implemented. I have forwarded this issue to our engineers as a feature request. Most probably they will add this feature to one of the nearest CS-Cart releases.

If you need to have it added to the current version of CS-Cart, I suggest that you should consider our custom development service. Our custom development specialist can explore whether it is possible to change CS-Cart code to meet your requirements and, if possible, can estimate your request. Please let me know if you are interested in it and I will forward your request to our specialist.


Am I really from that stone age expecting images to sort properly by default? Especially I have uploaded them in a proper way from 1 to 10?

Same as product by date that are bugged as well???

As for using .csv any ideas why order of images in the list there is completely different from the one in the store? Does it export/import in random order as well?