Multiple images for each product?

Is it possible to have multiple images for a product on the product details page? Is that a current feature of CS-Cart, or is there some sort of addon that can do it?

This site that I’ve seen linked more than a few times as a great example of a well-designed cs-cart page seems to have them:

[URL=“”][/URL] (linked to a specific product - I’m talking about the thumbnails of different angles of the chair, etc)

How do I get the extra thumbnails/images like that? I don’t see such an option on the admin panel, am I missing it?

Thanks yet again,

This is a standard feature of the cart. Upload your secondary images on the ‘Images’ tab in Products-Products.


EDIT: If you do not have “Create thumbnails from detailed images automatically” checked in Administration->Settings:Thumbnails, you will need to manually upload the ‘Additional thumbnail’ image.

Oh my gosh I can’t believe I missed that - I was going off of the image part of the main tab. Been looking for that for the last month, lol. Thank you :slight_smile: