multiple features

I am trying to set up colour filters in my store but If I create features in the back end for colours and then try to assign them to my products in the addon tab I can only select 1 colour even though the t shirt may come in 10 colours.

Is this correct I cant add more than 1 colour per shirt.?

i have been at it for a couple of hours using the admin and also importing the features but dont see how

If one shirt has red, green, blue

and another has red, green, blue, black,

if I select red in the filter it should show 2 shirts, if I select black it should show only 1

but the way it looks to me is that I can only tell shirt 1 that it is red and shirt 2 that it is say…black.



Have you tried creating the product feature with Type: Checkbox>Multiple ? That should solve what I've interpreted your problem to be.