Multiple Failed Orders?

We noticed that if the CC charge fails, CS-Cart still created and order with ‘Failed’ status. That is okay in concept as then someone could pay for an order later without having to re-submit it. But this is the first E-commerce platform I’ve seen that handles it that way.

The problem is, every time the customer submits an invalid CC payment on the same order, it keeps creating a new order. So if a customer say wasn’t aware there was a problem with their card and submitted it three or four times, or kept making a typo somewhere, it ends up with multiple identical failed orders. That is just not a good.

Anyone determine a way around this. It SHOULD know that it is the same checkout session and not keep creating duplicate orders (IMHO).

This (and other) issue was the main driver for the 2.1 release. While I don’t consider it stable yet (out of the box anyway), it is much improved in 2.1.

If you want to remain on 2.0.15 then we have an addon that helps tremendously with the issue. You can get the documentation from the Attachments tab of the order detail screen at [url][/url]