Multiple discounts question

I have a small issue here and wonder if anyone can assist.

Version 1.3.4sp2 by the way.

I have a user discount for people who puchased a membership package with the site - giving them 15% off all purchases for a period of 1 year.

I also have sale items on the site - for some reasons these products on sale never get my additional 15% membership discount applied

I have tried ALL and MAXIMAL in the admin area - with no luck - any suggestions?

As well, part 2 of my issue is this:

If I have an item for $25.00 and is on sale for 30% off, and the user has a coupon say for 15%, and finally the membership package discount of another 15% off, the site is just taking 60% off, but the math is not accurate:

Item is $25.00 on sale for 30% off = $17.50

Super Saver is applied to discount another 15% = $14.88

Coupon is used for an additional 15% = $12.64

Instead what is happening is this:

Item is $25 discounted by 60% = $10.00

Any thoughts?

Thanks all in advance