Multiple delivery - Same charge for all vendors (not accumlated)

I am having issues setting up shipping based on locations, for example I have delivery A going to

hr1*, hr2* , hr3* , hr4* , hr5* , hr6*

and then I have delivery b which is available to hr1 2*, hr2 2* hr3 3*

I have set-up locations, but when the user inputs the exact postcode it only shows the delivery. Is there a way to set this up?

Really appreciate your help, this website is due to launch next week and off the back of it should bring my business a lot of work. I will be looking to use your software in many web developments

I would also like to add a link and description to the delivery in the checkout process. Is this also possible, again as always I am grateful for any help you provide.

Why does my shipping add up per vendor? I would like it so no matter how many vendors they order from the cost remains the same so instead of:

Vendor A £6.00

Vendor B £6.00

Total = £12.00

I would like it as follows:

Vendor A £6.00

Vendor B £6.00

Total = £6.00

Is this possible?