Multiple Currency Store Issue

HI All,

Im newish to CS cart so please dont bite!

I have a customer who is running the ultimate version 3.7

They have 3 stores all sharing the same products, the issue is if the product store owner sets a price say in Euro 15 and then this product is shared with other stores like in GBP it converts the price and displays as odd looking numbers like £12.27… Is there anyway that these can be rounded up or down, so that they look right?

Also while Im here!

Can anyone advise whats the best way to set up stores for different countries with SEO in mind. I will require to open the store up to more countries but wonder should I do it under one domain and then just have the user been able to select currency / language or should I use different url's for each country (which I know wont help SEO)

Thanks in advance