Multiple catalog promotions causing incorrect discount

Hi all,
We have a little issue at the moment that might be easily fixed but can’t seem to work it out.

Our site can have multiple catalog promotions running at any one time.
The best example would be that some of our customer accounts are marked as Trade accounts using a special user group and have a constant 10% product discount. This is always set to Priority 1.
Marketing can then sometimes decide to create an additional 10% discount on certain products for a promotional month, this is always set to Priority 2.

Then what happens is that the site discounts the products by 20% (grouping 10% + 10%), when really we need it to apply the initial 10%, then the next one.

So for a product that is £100, it’s currently doing £100 - 20% = £80.
What we need it to do is £100 - 10% = £90 - 10% = £81

We thought the priority field would allow us to do this & specify the grouping, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Is there any other way of getting it to work out the bonuses like this?

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Make the second one 9%.?

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately the suggestion wouldn’t work - as customers who don’t qualify for the first 10% (i.e. aren’t Trade customers) would then only get 9% discount instead of the advertised 10%.

Plus the percentages I gave are just examples, we actually have quite a few different ones that can apply in certain scenarios.
There’s no way of knowing what mixture you would get. Could be 10% & 10%, 20% & 5%, 30% & 15% etc. Just need them to apply in order of priority & based off the subtotal of the previous discount.

I didn’t think so. I don’t use promotions so I was just throwing something out there.

The only solution we’ve found (not 100% fixed) is to change how the Trade Discount’s work.

Instead of having the trade discount as a Promotion tied to a usergroup, we’ve added it as a Quantity Discount against every product and tied that to a usergroup.

This allows us to have a discount against the product that is applied first. Then any catalog discounts apply afterwards.
Seems to work OK for now.

Only thing to note is that if there are multiple applicable catalog discounts it still groups them together instead of applying them one by one. But hopefully we wont have too much of that happening.

Thanks everyone for their thoughts/ideas.

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