Multiple Banner Blocks

Hi All

Is it possible to have multiple banner blocks? i.e. one on the left, middle and right?

Yes, you can have as many banner blocks as you like and position them as you prefer. Since you assign the actual banners to each block, you can have unique information in each block.

However, if you are presenting static information and do not need to track clicks, you might want to consider using an HTML block instead.


Hello :slight_smile:

I was scouring the forums for an answer on multiple blocks.

‘jobsales’ you said you can position blocks where you like.

But I can’t place them side by side in the ‘Central’ section (under DESIGN - BLOCKS) Only above and below each other.

Have a look at ; [url][/url]

I want those PEARL & GARNET image boxes side by side not above and below?

I have created a GIF image that is exactly what I need of both images side by side

but they need their own URL link. Banner creation only provides one URL per banner?

This is the size I prefer (square) as it makes the product look ‘right’

So have a missed something simple, can blocks be placed side by side?

Do I need to tweak the code in STYLES.CSS?

Or do I look at HTML blocks?

Thanks for any and all help :slight_smile:

Blocks can be ordered but display in a list; there is currently no option to allow positioning them side-by-side. There is a feature request in the Bug Tracker to add this ability:


You might want to add your comments/interest there.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ll just have to adjust the banners for now to single ones.

I will post my two cents on the Bug Tracker post, thanks so much for your support Jobosales :slight_smile: