multipages news

Hi all,

I noticed that there is no option to “split” the news page having so a really long-blog-style news section… :o

do you have any suggestion on how to split the pages like the products for example?

thanks and regards

I just tried to insert the following code in the news.tpl but I feel something is still missing… as I cannot see the page numbers :smiley:

```php {if !$no_pagination}

{include file=“common_templates/pagination.tpl”}


{if $smarty.capture.js_loaded != “Y”}

{capture name=“js_loaded”}Y{/capture}

{/if} ```

I can’t help you, but I would be keen on this… Or even showing a list of short stories on one page with the option to link to the full story in a new page.

I know its a shopping cart and not a new program but a small change like this could add value to the software!



still no suggestions for this? :frowning: