Multilingual URLS?

Hi Guys, we are soon to add some languages to our 2.2.4 version of CS Cart… is it possible to have URLs translated too? This would definitely help with SERPS in foreign territories. We don't plan to do the entire domain name and URL, more something like;

Has anyone done this? I'm wondering if its possible in CSC, or does it require some custom coding?



Can be done! One thing to watch out for is that when you have multiple tabs open and you switch cs-carts language in one tab, all tabs are now using that language even though you don’t see this. So take care, otherwise one language will overwrite the other.

(actually we use this “could we call this a bug?” to quickly fill content in other languages sometimes: we open 20 tabs all in english with correct content. Then we switch language on one extra tab, and save all these 20 open tabs which will save as the new language we just choose. So content is bascially being copied (overwritten) from English the the other language. This can be handy when content needs to be the same (some features, ingredients, whatever).

But… in the beginning oh man we did this by accident sometimes and this made some people here very angry :)

P.S. if you are on 2.24 I’d upgrade to 2.26 just to get rid of some small bugs. That upgrade is very easy it almost certainly can’t break anything.

Thanks Flow, I was hoping you’d see this post. :-) And thanks for advice about the tabs… I’m thinking about hiring someone like Alt-Team to prepare a query that will grab all the relevant info and put it into a .csv file for a translator…

I’ve been thinking about the upgrade too, you’re right in that the last 2.2.5 upgrade is all bug fixes. I plan to stay on the 2.x tree until the end of the year probably when a (hopefully) kickass version of CS Cart 4 is live and stable.

Oh, and one last question, are you using the geoip functionality in CS Cart? e.g; your customers localization is chosen according to their i.p. address? If so, how do you update the i.p. tables?

Thanks again mate,


You’re welcome, and I already responded on your thread about how cs-cart chooses the language :)

Thanks mate, you’re too quick for me… :)