Multicards Payment System Mod

I contracted cs-cart dev team to make a payment module for Multicards Payment Systems

Multicards is a certified PSP (Payment Service Provider) that offers 3rd party processing without having to obtain your own merchant account. (similiar to PayPal, but without the hassles)

If anyone is interested, I will offer the module, as well as the set-up instructions, for free to any cs-cart users. All I ask is that when you join multicards, you use the provided link to sign up.

Check out Multicards and let me know if you are interested.



No sig yet…ALMOST DONE! :wink:

Sounds interesting, I’ll take a look around their site and see what I think.


I been looking into Multicards and saw your post? Does the app you created work with the latest version of CS-Cart. Also how does it work, does it forward people to Multicard to login and send a payment or does MultiCard work like PayPal Payments Pro and act like a normal credit card purchase? Curious.