Multi Vendor System

Multivendor is the product for your needs. However, depending on the extent of customization required, you could ring up a lot of cost in modificatins and at the same time, increase your future costs for upgrades to more current versions. Not sure what type of catalogs you mean by this:[quote]Businesses should be able to add catalogues as well, customization of pages might be beneficial[/quote] and depending on your designs, different languages can cause issue. I.e. any graphics that include text need to be sensitive to the language and utilize a language specific image, etc. Sometimes format also needs to change to account for varying lengths of text in different languages.

My guess is that your biggest cost is going to be in the design customization unless you can find a theme from a reputable provider that already meets your needs.

You can use the Multi-Vendor software for your project. But additional code modifications will be required. If you are interested, our team will be glad to help you.

As for the license cost, we (CS-Cart authorized reseller) can offer you Multi-Vendor license at the lowest possible price. You can find also many resellers on this forum.