Multi-Vendor Shipping Method


We have planned to make web with multi-vendor.

But we have problem with shipping method, I want to know if it can be set without changing code or It required changing code. Or some developer can make addon for it?

For example,

Vendor A, B, C are in the same street, they can send orders in one package. If a user buy some product from A, some product from B, some product from C. So the user only pay one shipping cost. Vendor A, B, C can can form a group X.

Vendor E, F can form a group Y, they can set their shipping method.

the user buy product from A, product from E, product from F, he will pay 2 shipping costs.


why do you complicate simple things? Better idea is to join the vendors A, B and C into one vendor ABC and keep sending orders together

Something like Amazon premium, but it is diferent. we will send the order of the products of vendor A, B, C, but the vendor has own vendor panel.