Multi-vendor layout help

I have been looking for a multi-vendor solution for a website and I have narrowed it down to Kodemall and CS Cart. I like the fact that CS Cart has a large amount of support but I am not sure it will quite meet my needs. Www.a… is a Kodemall website. I want my website to treat each vendor as their own store, just like this site does. The CS Cart multivendor demo does not show any features like this, could someone tell me of there is a simple way to make CS cart preform the same way? Is there a template for CS Cart that has this feature built in?

An example of what I would like CS-Cart to do is here.

Could someone please tell me if CS-Cart multi-vendor does this out of the box or if I need to have the work custom made?

If this information is available somewhere else could someone please send me a link? Is there anybody I could email to get a response on this question?