Multi-Vendor - Gap In Communication - Return Products Rma

Hi, I have studied RMA and it works in very basic way on CS-Cart, but with Multi-Vendor I see a lag with communication. Customer fill RMA and then Admin can see it. He can decide what to do but:

  1. Administrator can not response to the RMA request - he can accept return etc. but he has no speech about more details of issue
  2. Administrator can not contact Vendor regarding the issue. Vendor doesn't see any problem regarding his items.

How you guys deal with that huge gap or you.. skip RMA?

Hi, I have created a form for customer willing to return product - it was quiet simply but not so excited about features (for example one file to upload today is not enough or no frames, extra text, hints etc.).

I try now to find the way to communicate vendor with Administrator, any suggestion are welcome. I prefer not to install any extra software like OSTickets for this purpose.