Multi-Vendor Contact Vendor On Product Page

I have seen a few addons, even some that claim to be multi-vendor, but I don’t think I have seen any that allow a product inquiry directly to the vendor from the products page.

This seems like a very necessary feature (Vendors don’t want their email address being spammed by being on the page).

Is there anything like this available?

Bump - Anyone know of anything like this available? I plan on having over 100 vendors and I need customers to be able to directly contact vendors of certain products if they have a question (before purchasing).


We can develop such functionality for you, just contact us.

Sincerely yours,


Our team is also at your service

I'm pretty sure that a lot of customers using Multi-vendor Edition will be interested in this modification, including myself.

Not sure why such a basic functionality hasn't been developed yet, but would be great to add this to CS-Cart Marketplace.

We have a ready to use mod but will convert it to an addon. You may contact us here about your cart version.