Multi supplier Cost dependencies shipping price


I have a big problem, I would like your help

I have 853 products, 21 suppliers, 1 shipping method

my settings as follows:

Shipping methods> Shipping charges> Cost dependencies

More than TL 0> TL 5 Value Rate

More than TL 49> TL 0 Rate Value

(Over TL 49 free)

but the problem is the following:

for example:

The sum of the same order basket

SUPPLIER A product - 25 TL

SUPPLIER B product - 30 TL

calculate shipping price: 5 TL x 2 = 10 TL

but, order the sum of = 25 TL + 30 TL = 55 TL

shipping price: TL 0 (because it free over TL 49)

Where is the problem? How can I solve this problem.

big problem for me

I posted an addon for this here on the forum. I did some browsing, but didn't see it. If you search around, I'm sure you'll find it.

I can't remember exactly what all I did there, so it would be best to find the post instead of me reposting the addon here.