Multi-Store Ip Address Per Domain Question

The default configuration for setting up multiple stores with a unique domain name is to add each domain as an “Addon Domain” within cPanel. However, in doing so, each domain will share the same IP address as the main store. Wouldn't this be an SEO disaster? Shouldn't each domain be configured with a unique IP address for SEO purposes?

SEO should have nothing to do with IP address. No one should care anything about IP other than very old browser's that use IP along with ssl for https.

Well, if this is the case then things have dramatically changed because the rule of thumb in years past was to ALWAYS have a separate IP address for each domain whether it had an SSL certificate or not. This was a critical element for strong SEO. I have a hard time believing that a dedicated IP Address for each store is no longer required.

If these two websites have different design and are not one type online stores, there are should not be any problems with seo.

Best regards, Alt-team.