Multi Store Fronts With Different Languages

Can CS-Cart handle multiple store fronts where each storefront can have its own language and the main store pushing the products centrally to each store.

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Yes, If you have several storefronts, they can have their own languages. Moreover, if needed, they can share your product and user databases, payment and shipping methods can be common for your storefronts or different as well. Please note, that all storefronts will be equal, so there will be no “main” store that will push some of its products to one storefront and some of them to another one. And they all will be managed from one admin panel.

Please, have a look at this video describing the Multi-Store feature in CS-Cart:

CS-Cart Shopping Cart. Features: Storefronts - YouTube

For more information, please, feel free to contact us using our contact form on the website:

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Very helpful. That's all I needed to know.