multi currecies in store at the same time

Hi all,

this thread and responses very important for me.

We planning imported producs in the store. Theese are importing by US dollar. As you know, UD dollar parity rate changing day by day according economy of goverment.

I need this : I am using YTL currency usually. But I want, when I add new imported product, adding with (only) USD. Cs-cart will check YTL-USD parity ratio and calculate show YTL in customer area. When I change currecies rate from Currecies section, all imported products price recalculate and shown YTL in customer area automaticly.

is that possible.?

same problem here, do you have any solution? at least how can i display currencies on customer page?

I do not want to many currencies in customer side. When I add a new product, I should can enter other than default currency. System should calculate (accourding to currecies rate) and display in store. (default YTL. for store - I want to add with USD)

This is something pretty complicated. I think your best option would be to pay someone to create a mod that would do what you want. There are several people on the forums that can do this, and CS-C is also an excellent option as well. It can take a while for them to get the job done though. If you’re in a hurry, your best bet is paying one of the guru’s here.

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