Multi-Country vendor configuration

IM in the process of setting up a multivendor platform, with different storefronts for different countries.

Kindly require help with below Qs.

Lets assume,
(France )Storefront A, with Vendor X, base currency is EUR,
(UK ) Storefront B, with Vendor Y, base currency is GBP

IF Vendor X, from France, trading in storefront A, wishes to sell in UK through storefront B, the administrators can add him to storefront B. It is possible to grant access to Storefront B via Administrator > Storefront > adding to Storefront B.

A1.) Is it possible for the vendor to limit which products listed in Storefront A will be sold in Storefront B? or all listed products automatically displayed on Storefront B?

A2.) The listing price is automatically converted from EUR to GBP based on the current exchange rate. Does the vendor have the option to increase or decrease the price based on Shopfront rather than matching the exact price? As an example, if the vendor wishes to add 10.00 GBP to storefront B, can he do so without affecting the original price?

A3.) Can the vendor enter different information on the product details based on the storefront (similar to how it is done for languages)?

An expert mentioned that only way to do this , is to clone the vendor and products for each country based on need, but i think that will be nightmare to manage stocks , products, seo and so on… lot of manual actions would be needed to maintain it operational.

A1.) Categories can be common to the storefront or assigned to each store. Products are displayed according to common or assigned categories

A2.) You can use CS Commerce’s product currency add-on.

A3.) It can only be controlled through language.

HI, Thank you for your reply,

A1. the categories are going to be same, across the country based storefronts, foe example, UK will have groceries and Germany will also have groceries, trying to control products via category for this purpose will create so much duplicate categories… and a mess of hierarchy.

I was looking/hoping for something simple as having an option on product level to choose additional shopfronts

A2 . The currency add on will allow us to inout prices in different currencies, but when the prices are displayed on shopfront’s default prices, all coverts down to base currency based on exchange rate.

for example, an apple is priced as 1EUR, when its displayed in GBP, it auto converts to 1.5GBP based on the exchange rate. Im looking for an option where i can add or deduct extra on top of the exchange rate, per product level if possible. so i can sell the same apple at 1EUR in Germany and 2 GBP in UK.

A3. Based on the available tech so far, you are correct, but this creates problem for me where a country uses multiple language or share language… for instance, Swiss… french and German. Swiss will get to see the country specific details in write fro France and Germany.

From what i have searched so far, may be custom dev is the only solution, unless there is other add-on are on market that im not aware of.