mp3 download mod - is there one?

I am not sure if this is the right forum but I am looking for a mod for my client. They record classes among other things and need their customers to be able to purchase then download an mp3 file.

does anyone know if this mod exists?



So you’re looking for a way to sell a digital product with CS-Cart?

You can already do this by ticking off the digital product selection and upload the file.

With CSC 2 you could even attach a smaller mp3 file so the customers may download it to test the product.

thank you for the response.

my client needs to be able to sell mp3’s off the website. they are for classes they records and the people who attend the classes then who want to purchase the audio at a later date.

so will this allow for the person visiting the store to be able to download the file immediately after purchase?



Yes, the customer can download the file as soon as the payment has been received.

You can download a trial of CS-Cart to experiment yourself with this possibility.

that is fantastic.

i already purchased cs cart. i used it for another client a couple years ago.

thank you again.