Moving The Website Into Another Folder

Hello, everybody!

I am new in cs cart (actually, first time use…) and a friend of mine asked me to move his website into another folder, on another server.

Look, initially, the website link was

The new link must be

I did it, with ftp and phpmyadmin, and, after this, I edited the config.local.php file and I changed the next command lines…:

$config['http_host'] = '';

$config['http_path'] = '/siteuri/';

$config['https_host'] = '';

$config['https_path'] = '/siteuri/';

I was good! But not enough! The website looks good only in the homepage, because, if I wand to click on a category…it shows 404 error!

My question: what I have done wrong? Is there another .php file do I have to edit?

Please, help!

Any answe will be appreciated!


Please check point #4 in the following article: