Moving Review From 1 Product To Another

Hi all - I am pretty sure I have done this before in phpmyadmin, but for some reason I can't figure it out anymore. Must be the lack of sleep i've been getting lately ;)

We merged some products (from single to same product with options) and now I would like to move the reviews.

I see the following tables which I think I should use:

  • cscart_discussion
  • cscart_discussion_descriptions
  • cscart_discussion_elements
  • cscart_discussion_rating

I can also find the reviews. But how do I "attach" them to the correct product?

oh btw this is for cs-cart 2.25


The 'object_id' in the table(s) will represent the 'product_id' of the product.

The 'object_id' in the table(s) will represent the 'product_id' of the product.

Thanks, i'm still missing something obviously though.

If I take the thread ID containing the reviews of the old product and change this into the thread id of the new products... that should move the review to the new product, right? Since that thread ID belongs to the product_id of the new product?

For some reason the reviews have not moved though, even though in phpmyadmin id the old reviews now show the same thread_id as the new reviews (which belong to the new products).

What am I doing wrong?

Never mind, got it!