Moving hosts

I am thinking of moving sites to VPS at eukhost. 3 sites from Martfox and 2 new ones all with their own vps.

Does anyone have any experience of them / recommend them.

I am currently with Martfox and was happy with them at the start but things have been getting rocky lately, slow support answers and various things that I dont want to air here but its time to go.

Or any other good vps in UK.

But a little advice from you if you dont mind…

I am on semi vps with Martfox, with decent speeds, I have about 300-500 visitors a day and database in 97m bytes, 5000 products and about 100 cats/sub cats. Can I expect speed increases (worth talking about) when switching to vps or should I just stay semi.



It’s hard to say as one host is not the same unless part of the same infrastructure.

Can I suggest you take a look at - [url][/url]

If you look on their forum you’ll see they are not bad at all and really go the extra mile for customers.

Hi Couple of links that might interest you at the url below!


I hear liquidweb it’s the best, more reliable vps and dedicated hosting provider out there, is it true?

Thanks for info