Moving from 2.012 to latest

I have I have 2.012 with all my products and product options setup on one cart and I am trying to export and import the data over to the latest version in a different installation.

My problem is I am losing my product options values when I do this. Is there a way I can move everything from one version to another? Would it be easier to just upgrade the cart installed? I haven’t really modified much maybe 3 small things and I wouldn’t care if they were overwritten. Also if I do an upgrade instead of moving all the content over is there a chance that everything could be screwed up and I would lose all my settings and products?

I just did the same about a week ago, just upgraded from inside the admin area.

Make sure your permissions are set correctly and you should be fine except for some small things that you might need to take care of after install.

You could also copy the entire shop to another location and try it there first.

Good luck!

What all do I need to do to make sure that my Data and installation are safe in the upgrade?

Just backup the data base and copy the directory?

Those two steps should be done before making any signification changes to your site. An upgrade to a new verision definitely falls into the signficant category.