Moving description tab below description text!!


Strange one this, my client is wanting the tab buttons to appear below the tab information. I have said this is not really a good way to do it but she still wants it like this.

There are two tabs, description & ingredients. When editing views>products>view.tpl I can get them to appear below when the ingredients tab is clicked but as soon as I click back on the default Description tab they jump back to the top. I guess its something to do with the default active tab.

I have attached a screen grab of how the client is wanting it to appear, any help would be greatly appreciated.




I have manage to figure this out, although it does seem a strange way of displaying the tabs. Clients do have some strange ideas!!!


What was your solution?

I have also seen a request somewhere to have the tabs on the side.




I rearranged some of the code in the file views>products>view.tpl. I made sure I backed up the original and then it was a bit of trial and error. I guess a solution to get the tabs on the side would be more to do with the CSS.