Moved to new server problems

Hi All

I have moved our cs-cart to a new server but now getting this error,

Database error: 1146 : Table ‘********_cscart.cscart_settings’ doesn’t exist

Invalid query: SELECT option_name, value, section_id, subsection_id, option_type FROM cscart_settings WHERE is_global=‘Y’

Does any one have any ideas as to why.



Sounds like when you created the main database on the new server, wasnt the same name as what was on the original server, as it is obviously looking for a table from the database that does not exist.

I take it you copied all the files (php/tpl etc) and backup the entire MySQL data from the original server, and copied them back and then reloaded the MySQL data?

Your database tables have not been imported correctly if at all.

The error is stating that it has connected to the database as configured in config.php but that table does not exist within it.

Try to ‘empty’ that database and re-import the sql backup from the previous server

Thanks guys will look into it.

Roger :smiley: