Move Social Share Buttons Under Product Tab

hello guys,

anyone did this or have an idea or experience

basicly is copying the exiting sharing button code to a new block with code and then attach to product tabs...

thanks in advance

Create new tab and add HTML block with SMARTY support to it. Use the following code:

{if $display_button_block}
    {foreach from=$provider_settings item="provider_data"} {if $provider_data && $provider_data.template && $}
  • {include file="addons/social_buttons/providers/`$provider_data.template`"}
  • {/if} {/foreach}

Jello…and what with the existing code in social addon. How to prevent duplicate apperance? Deleting?

Thank you

You can rename the following template:


or override it with the My changes module and put empty

to it

Thank you very much

You are welcome!