Move reviews out of tabbed area

We are looking to move our reviews out of the tabbed section of the product description area to right below the product description. We want customers to see the reviews without having to click the reviews tab. We have other tabs that we would like to keep in there, so just changing the setting “Display product details in tabs:” in the settings>appearance will not work. I don’t see a block for reviews, only testimonials. Is there a way to do this easily, or will it require a bunch of code modifications?

I'd like to know how to do this too. I've long thought that Amazon's method of presenting reviews is the best. You read a description and then read the reviews. My customers don't seem to use the tabs very much.

A Quick and Easy way to do it is to create a custom template block.

Looks like this:

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Looks like this: http://cscmod.myclie…&product_id=224


There is still a Review tab … he wants Product Reviews to be shown under the Product Description …

I found that changing the setting of “Display product details in tabs” gave me a better online store.

You can arrange the position of the Product Tabs so that you get the flow you like.

For me, it started with wanting the Features displayed directly under the Description.

There was nothing that I felt needed to be kept in a tabbed orientation. I disabled several of the default tabs and use a couple of addons that would normally appear in the tabs section that now appear right on the product page with no additonal clicks from my customers.

Also, you can use longer, more descriptive titles for Product Tabs if they are not in tabs. For instance I added: “Ask A Question About This Product” (addon) - this would not fit in a tab.

I modified the CSS for the Mainbox Simple wrapper so it looks identical to the Product Tabs tab-list-title. Now the addons included on the Product Page, like “Customer's Who Bought This Also Bought”, looks like the Product Tab content.

I can't imagine what product information you would “like” to keep in tabs.

Amazon doesn't do tabs.

I suggest you turn off tabs completely.

Maybe this

Thanks John, that help put the final pieces in place.

I created an addon that will do what you are looking to do.

Download the attached archive and extract it, following the instructions.

I would always make a backup of your database before making any changes as this addon will update your product_tabs table.

Demo: http://cscmod.myclie…&product_id=224

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Demo: http://cscmod.myclie…&product_id=224


The Reviews now show up on every tab.

I would like to put the Product Description and Features on the same tab, but, keep the other tabs. Anybody have a 3.0.x solution for this without changing any base code?


i tried 3.0.6 version. i didn't get result. any one please tell me. what is the problem?