Move minicart popup to right hand side

Hi all, I’ve managed to move the links of the mini cart to the right hand side of the main page (Checkout link, cart picture & ‘Cart is empty’). But whenever you click on the cart picture to display the mini cart, the mini cart pops up in the top left of the window. How can i change this so the minicart will popup next to the link when it is clicked. Many thanks Mike

You have to redefine the whole

. Cs-cart uses javascript to rewrite various
's. Hence if you only moved the ‘content’ and not the ‘container’ then when the javascript tries to update the cart contents it will do it in the
by a certain name. It’s a hokey way of doing javascript. It actually makes an asynchronous call to the cart controller to add the content to the cart and then updates the
with the new quantity.

So redefine the
to be a ‘float:right;’ or similar to get it positioned where you want it.