Move Image Location to File System

During upgrade we need to move the Image Location to Database, so how can we move back to File System in CS-Cart 2.0.6. Becuase I don’t see that setting anymore.


Are you asking how to do this on 1.3.5-sp4? If so, you can set the images location in General Settings.

If you are running v2, the image files stay in the file system - you do not need to move them to do an upgrade.


I ask for CS-Cart 2 after upgrade because I’m not sure whether during upgrade process image has been moved back to file system instead of DB.

In version 2 , image files reside in the file system only. There is no longer any option to move images between the file system and database as it is unnecessary.


FYI, in CS-Cart 1.3.5.SP4 I stored the images in “File System”, but in order to upgrade this store to CS-Cart 2.0.6, the step required in documentation is to move the images into “Database”.I just want to confirm where the image location after the upgrade. If it moved back to the “File System”, then its ok because that what I want. If not, how to move the images in database to file system.


In 1.3.5sp4 the images will still be in the database until you transfer them back to the file system. Note: The names of the images will change so make a backup before moving to the database if you want to retain the original name. After you move them back to the file system, you will need to reimport them.

Moving the images are done the same way…via the settings.

I cannot find the setting to move back the images from database to File system in CS-Cart 2.0.6 after migration from CS-Cart 1.3.5SP4.


As Bob stated previously, there is no option in 2.x. The images are in the file sytem under /images/

This is some serious misunderstanding. I can’t tell which version you are asking the questions for.

Im with xisnet…

I done the upgrade and all my images have failed to copy across to the new site…

So are they still in the DB? Did they not copy across? Whats happened?

One day one of these cs-cart export/import farce’s will work properly!!!