Move "also Bought" To View Cart Page

Is there any way to include the “customers who bought this item also bought…” block on the View Cart and/or checkout page?

Right now the only option is to include this block on a product's page, but I think it would be quite useful to utilize it on the View Cart page.

Does anyone have this configured and would be willing to help me out with it?

Thanks so much for your assistance.

Create the block on the page(s) you are interested in or create it on all pages and then disable on the ones you don't want it on.

Not possible. The “also bought” block only shows up on the “products” tab under design>blocks.

Hmm… I don't use it and haven't looked into it in detail. It seems to be related to a single product so would probably take an overhaul to get it to deal with a “set” of product_ids rather than a single product_id.

where is the also bought option?

It's an addon called “customers_also_bought” and becomes a block on the product detail page if enabled for a product.