Motor Freight Add-On Mod Needed

Certain big and heavy products in my store must go as Motor Freight (Truck). I need to add my motor freight carrier as an add-on to the existing shipping choices like UPS, USPS, etc. Their site is http://pnglc dotcom. They gave me the Rate Request codes already. I just need someone to integrate this for me. This would need integrated for both the checkout screen (shipping step) and for a quick shipping estimate prior to checkout.

We could either:

  1. Assign to certain products this motor freight carrier


  2. When total order weight goes above 150lbs then it queries this motor freight carrier

    Looking for a developer who can make this happen. If you need additional details, please let me know.

Not sure you can restrict it by product or by total weight being “greater than”. I know you can exclude a shipping method if weight is greater than, but I don't believe the logic is in the core for including “when weight is greater than”. The can probably be coded within the carrier itself.

The link you provide doesn't give any info for a developer. Provide a link to their integration specifications at [url=“Get a quote”][/url] and I'll take a look for your.

Note that most freight carriers require a lot of info that is not inherent in cs-cart. Such as hasLoadingDock for both origination and destination addresses. This is just an example of info that's required but not normally a part of cs-cart.


What I have done is created a Shippig Method named “Common Carrier Trucking”, then for this method I set the Weight Limits from 450 Lbs to 10,000 Lbs. This 450 Lb threshhold works best for our situation because this is the point of which our LTL rates surpass our negotiated Fedex Ground & MultiWeight (aka 100 Weight) rates, thus this is the threshhold at which we want to start displaying the LTL rates, you can set your lower weight limit to whatever best makes sense for your business specifics. We then created various locations around the country based on “States” to calculate the rates for this method “Per Lb”. This gets us by, however, it takes quite a bit of simulated shipment testing in order to setup the manual shipping rates to closely match our common carrier trucking rates. This will actually work near to perfection as soon as we get some realtime common carrier/LTL trucking rates integrated vs. manual calculations, which is what I am casually working on right now, although I will definitely want to utilize FreightQuote.coms API for this due to their business model and features offered.

Webtek, are you still open to a integration vs. the firm you mention above? I ask because I have some ideas…

Tony, I also want to include you in this mix so I will send you a PM shortly.

Please don't send me a PM. I hate the messaging on this board. Just send me an email to (removing X's).

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Please don’t send me a PM. I hate the messaging on this board. Just send me an email to (removing X’s).


Sorry Tony,

My sincerest apologies, as I already did it!

Maybe we can work through the pain & suffering of this first one & promise to never do it again! ;-)

EDIT: Alright Tony, I converted the PM’s to email & re-submitted to you, so you can ignore the PM’s if you like.

Tony, I forwarded you the specs they emailed me. Struck, I'd be open to anything that integrates motor freight carriers.

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Struck, I’d be open to anything that integrates motor freight carriers.


Thanks for the reply WebTek,

Reason I mention is that IMO, will give you more pricing options, and will also be far more versatile to many more CS-Cart users due to their business model & current market share. I am currently working on having this integration created and will certainly keep you posted, will most likely have some good news to offer within a week or less. :)

Struck, Yes that would be great! That might be my best alternative. Keep me posted.

Struck, It's been a week… any updates??

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Struck, It's been a week… any updates??


It is in process, should have more specifics by mid next week, so be patient & hang in there!

We've got this developed for a few of our clients … - Uses Estees Fright for pallet-based products (flooring) … Fed Ex Ground for trim/accessories and defaults to a free shipping options for certain products (Samples, Promo, etc.)

It uses an add-on that acts as a dual-function … then just asks a few questions during checkout that solves the whole lift-gate, com/res. etc info …

We've done Yellow/Roadway and the new Fed Ex Web Service as well… it's more about having the “extra” data available in your products that is unique to freight quotes. is Yellow/Roadway enabled … but they do not use a public cart…

I am making one - I will be done by next month hopefully- if any one interested let me know… I dont know how much I will charge but it cost me $1200 - so if every one wanted to chip in let me know -

here's how it will work.

If the weight exceed during checkout to 150lbs or more it will automatically use freight quote and display LTL Freight in shipping company and in the admin backend it will be installed as an ADDON for CS-Cart 3.X - and you setup markup price, residential delivery lift gate required or not and all those good features are there which customer will answer during checkout to give them the proper freight quote.

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]CS-Cart users interested in having the capability to provide LTL or Common Carrier Trucking realtime freight rates will want to show your interest in this need at the following post:[/font][/color]


[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]If you guys and gals do not speak up, then we may all loose a good opportunity here for a readily available & maintained addon! [/font][/color] ;-)