Mosquito Killers New T-shirt Store

HI fellows

here is the new Store of Mosquito Killers

Cool T-Shirts, Hoodies unique Designs

Do you think if we wear these t-shirts than mosquitoes will stay away :D

I have no idea about the content of this site, nor of the domain names previous use, but I can unfortunately tell you that TalkTalk broadband in the UK is blocking access to the site because the site contains content of a “Pornographic” nature.

I like the grass.

Hi Syellarbytes

Thanks for the info

I have checked it through Sucuri SiteCheck - Free Website Security Check & Malware Scanner

but found nothing.

Probably because you have bad language on there…the “F word” no less. Why is this necessary?

I have no idea.

I ll ask the owner…

Not sure if its the F word as it is a jpeg and the “F” isnt in the name unless someone has reported it .