More Problems with Amazon Checkout


Starting using Amazon checkout again after upgrading to 2.3.4. Received some orders same day I turned it back on. Got a few more with no problems.

Starting last night, I had a problem.

A customer places an order using Amazon checkout, Places the order within amazon checkout and then is directed to the checkout-checkout page where is says to be patient, its processing and then gets the message:


Transaction was canceled by the customer

They then proceeded and used a credit card. I ended up with a completed Amazon order and a Credit card order.

I tested using my account three times and the same thing happens, but I did not place a cc order.

All three orders are incomplete, but with Amazon transaction ID’s. After a period of time, about 10 minutes the order goes from incomplete to processed.

The question is, why all of a sudden, the order goes to the checkout.checkout page after processing the amazon payments, says it’s cancelled, but it is not.

Anyone else experiencing a problem? Could there be a temp. communication lag between Amazon and my cart today (Sunday)? It was working a few days ago.