More 1.3.3 Screenshots

UNOFFICIAL SCREENSHOTS (again, nothing official here, just what I have seen)

Just as well all talked about a reporting tool…well,what do you know…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

the Report manager, allows you to create/edit/delete any report you want…

You can set conditions on the data returned (filter), full control of layout types…(bar graph, pie graph, data sheet)

You can control colors used for display…

See for yourself.!

Report Mgr Home

Report Edit Mode


That looks way cool… can hardly wait til it’s released! :o

Cool cant wait.

ET, I heard that affiliate mod was to be released in this new update.

Have you seen it? I noticed that no one spoke up for required capabilities, so I added whatI thought would be a good start, just don’t know if it was fast enought to do any good.

Would like to know how close my current capabilities stack up against what may be released in the upcoming release.

all the info I know of. is posted…sorry…i dont know anything about the aff mod.