Monthly & Year End Reports


I’m so sorry if I’ve missed this, I did search but maybe I’m just using the wrong terms :frowning:

Being an ecommerce site I need to have monthly and year end reports of total sales, total $ amount of orders with taxes charged and total taxes for the period selected. I need the ability to export that to excel - but just seeing the totals and being able to print each report would be wonderful. Is this possible? I’ve looked through every section of the admin and guess I’m just looking right at it but not seeing it.

Any help or suggestions would really be appreciated. I’m stumped.


My Orders>Sales reports


Thanks. I know I’m blind, but is there a way to at least print those ( to take to an accountant or file away with tax papers)?

Maybe one way would be to choose the time period you want on the orders and then do an export or Bulk Print (PDF). If you have too many orders over the period of a year you could print a month at a time.

Maybe another option would be to get something like the “Profit Loss Report” that Snorocket has. You can find it here…


Finally, another way to do it is to put your information in an accounting program like Quickbooks or Peachtree. Then your accountant would be able to use information from there.

Thanks! I think the export might be something I can work with.

Thank you both for the replies, I appreciate the help.