Monthly Payments

Does anyone know how to setup and display a monthly payment along side the total cost as displayed on the product page?

For example I currently have it displayed like this:

List price: $1,228.00

Price: $263.00

You save: $965.00 (79%)

I would like it to be:

List price: $1,228.00

Price: $263.00

Monthly Payment: $XX.XX

You save: $965.00 (79%)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Yeap, that would be interesting to find out. Anyone?

Take a look at the recurring billing addon. Try something like this:

Title: Layaway (3 months)

Recurring period: Monthly

Pay day: whatever you want

Recurring price: to percentage of original price - 33.333

Recurring duration: 3

Leave recurring start fields blank

The payment information would show up under the Subscription tab. Make it the first tab and it will appear when the customer views the cart. It would be nice if to change the tag label from “Subscription” to “Payment plans”; you can do this easy enough in Languages but it might mess things up elsewhere.