Moneris e-select

Made a module (preauth) for moneris e-select

when you are in pending(default) it creates a Capture button in detailed order view, so you can capture final amount( text box with preflled value that can be changed)

Still working on it, anyone would be interested in final version ?

Also gonna code Interac next


I’m looking for the actual code to connect the eSelect Payment gateway to CS-Cart, have you developed that? Or are you interested/capable?

I am also interested as Moneris is the preffered gateway for the client I am working with right now.

Thanks for any update info

yes, its beta right now, no installer, but i auth’es trx’es then you can close to whatever amount in admin,

it needs cleaning and packaging,

So what are your plans for your module?

Are you openly sharing or planning to sell it?

I need to begin integration this week, so if you aren’t ready, then I have to get the API from moneris and basically go through the same steps you have already gone through.

I won’t need an installer or anything fancy, just the guts.